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Behind the scenes, our subconscious mind rules over our entire existence. We experience and navigate the world through subliminal messaging found all around us. These signs and symbols carry deep power and meaning, which is why media and marketing utilize colors, logos, and brands to tap into our desires, behaviors, and needs.


Used all over the world by mystics for centuries, the divine story depicted in the Tarot is a mirror of our own lives here on Earth. The symbols and archetypes living in the cards are the same living within us and our subconscious minds.


Through tapping into the power of synchronicity (divine timing) and the sacred story within, we can use these cards to unravel our own inner struggles and find clarity to move forward in our lives. Used in tandem with reiki, sound healing, yoga, and meditation—Tarot can be a powerful catalyst for change and healing.

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Card readings are administered live via Zoom

Fortune teller is reading a future by ta

10  Card Tarot Celtic Cross

$60 per session

Kailin's 10-card Celtic Cross tarot spread is the ultimate insight into your current life situation. Consulting the tarot will bring clarity to your current position in life, offering advice and insight into every area. Each card holds a specific meaning:


1. Self 

2. Current Problem   

3. Past   

4. Future

5. Conscious Mind

6. Subconscious

7. Advice                         

8. External Factors

9. Hopes/Fears               

10. Possible Outcome 

Readings are given live via Zoom

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Fortune teller woman and a blue tarot ca

10 Card Tarot Relationship Spread

$75 per session (2 people)

Kailin's 10-card Relationship Reading is designed to find clarity between 2 individuals, whether they are in a romantic relationship, a friendship, family members, coworkers, etc. Each card holds a specific meaning:

1. How Person 1 Sees Themselves

2. How Person 1 Sees Person 2

3. How Person 1 Sees Relationship

4. How Person 2 Sees Themselves

5. How Person 2 Sees Person 1

6. How Person 2 Sees Relationship

7. Strength in Relationship                 

8. Weakness in Relationship

9. Where Relationship is Heading            

10. Advice for Relationship

Readings are given live via Zoom

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Book Tarot



Kailin was professional and well spoken throughout the entire tarot card reading. She took the time to analyze the cards thoroughly and gave an excellent summary of her thoughts. The reading provided me with clarity on the work that needs to be done to heal on a deeper level. Thank you!"

Jenna F.

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